People search links. All of these links below will lead to a people search service that can help you locate missing people, or a lost friend. It took us some time put these links together. All of these links should work, and if you have any problems please contact us.

New sites not yet added: a missing people, and people search service.


Below is a huge list of many popular types of online people searches. This list should be current as it is checked every 90 days.


Locating missing people services

Url Free or paid. Description. unknown Links, and places to find missing people. paid Enter page. Has people search, and background check. unknown Enter page. Has many person searches, plus social security number searches. They also have criminal records, and basic, and advanced people search. Not available Used to be a good people search engine. But the owners told us that someone stole this site with automated software. They used to have all types of person searches, and background check services. paid Has many types of search services such as their social security number search, and their criminal record, as well as many others.
ENTER MAIN SITE HERE paid/free MPIS, Inc has many types of people finders available. They offer a people finder service that has unlimited records by name, address, social security number, and many others. They also have a social security number search. paid/free One of the big boys. They offer tons of people searches, social security number search, criminal record checks, background check, and many others. paid Offers many types of people search services including an instant people search. Not available Used to offer many searches to find a person, and also a few people finder types of searches. Not available anymore. Paid/free One of the first, and best people search companies around. These guys are known worldwide, and offer alot of types of searches to find people, missing people searches, as well as they can locate missing people anywhere. Not available Used to be a great private detective that could locate missing people, and had great prices. They offered many types of searches that only a private detective could get. They also had great telephone search services. This site is not available anymore. Free This is a free online people search site. They have records that get from telephone directories, a great way to start a search. Free A great online people search. Yahoo is partnered with and offers some of the best online person search services, as well as has the best internet search results available. Google/ yahoo is the best!


People search services

Url Free or paid. Description. unknown One of the best people search services available. They have about ten types of searches available that range from people finder services to social security number search services, and background checks. Unknown Not sure if this site is still available. It used to have several types of searches that will allow you to find a person, or use their people finder custom search. NA This site is not available anymore. Not sure what happened they may be updating their site at the time of my visit. They offered marriage records, and divorce records, along with other types of missing people searches. NA Not working - they listed many types of databases, and ways to find people. These people also had a free people search, and free people search ads. They also had a huge database of missing people ads. Paid

Enter page - a findpeople offers one of the best social security number search and a great find people site that lists many missing people. They have several ways that they can use to locate people using many online, and offline databases.

ENTER MAIN SITE HERE Unknown Last update time no page was available. This site offers three services.
1) Social security number search
2) address update
3) background check with criminal record. NA Not really a person search page. They offer many types of hidden cameras, and surveillance equipment. Alot of private detectives, and private investigators use this site to get equipment. Paid Enter page - The offer more criminal records, and law records than anything. They do have several types of records, and data that can be used to find people, or find missing people. Paid Has several paid services that can be used to locate a person, or find old friends, or lost loves. They have access to over 100 billion records nationwide. Paid Not much information about them. They do however find people. They claim that they have a database that is used by the FBI, and secret service.
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